Warehouse technology… The properties of tomorrow

Technology is changing the world we live in every single day. Processes that once took days to complete or hours of man time are now done in minutes by machines; allowing businesses to be more streamlined, more active and ultimately more successful.

This is no truer than when it comes to the logistics industry, and in particular the warehousing side of it. Over the past few years, automation and technology such as Machine-to-Machine, Order Fulfilment and Pick-to-light have revolutionised the way that Managers run their premises. But what are some of the future technologies and changes that we could see over the coming years?

  1. Location – Not so much a technical revolution but a fact of life. Consumers are demanding their items faster than ever before, so the natural step of the warehouse of the future is to move closer to cities. Whilst this would limit space, with the increased ability of 3D printing, we could well see products being made there and then directly in the warehouse.
  2. Drones and robotics – Global giant Amazon has already implemented the use of drones in some cities around the world, and it’s highly likely warehouse operators across the globe will likely be implementing similar devices over the next decade. Whether it’s to transport items or keep track of inventory, these flying machines will undoubtedly speed up the process even more.
  3. Picking and Packing – Often the most labour-intensive and time consuming part of any warehouse, robots are already slowly taking over the picking and packing aspects and within the next decade it’s highly likely most warehouses will be fully automated.
  4. Operating from the cloud – Cloud technology has revolutionised businesses. No longer do you need large storage facilities for files or big servers to hold data. The powerful and cost-effective solution to data recording will allow smaller business greater flexibility and less risk.
  5. Improved planning – Any warehouse provider will tell you that unused or over-ordered stock that spends months lying around is the biggest burden to any facility. With the increased use of artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, this will become a thing of the past as systems will be able to accurately predict when items need re-ordering, the quantity needed and how long it will take for that item to arrive at the facility; ensuring a steady flow of supply and demand.

Here at Senaeyat, our warehouses feature the most state-of-the-art technology available. Built to your custom specifications, we ensure the facility will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. If you were to build a property of this size outright, it would cost extraordinary amounts of money but as the first lease-to-own warehouse provider in the region you can enjoy a world-leading facility for just a 2% down payment. By then following our simple and affordable payment plan, you will fully own the property in just ten years.

To find out more how Senaeyat can transform your companies logistics and help you to expand your business, get in touch today.

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