The Top Warehouse Trends for 2020…

With 2020 marking the start of a new decade, it is an exciting time in terms of innovation and technology in the warehouse and logistics industry. The last ten years have seen rapid changes as new inventions and automation have sped up efficiency and productivity.

This year looks set to be another big year of development and change and we have put together our top trends that we think are going to make 2020 unique:


Already a big part of the warehousing and logistics industry, 2020 is going to be the year that automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning become the norm. Many facilities are already noticing the benefits that implementing AI and automation can bring to their operations, reducing the risk of user error during picking and shipping as well as significantly speeding up the entire process.

Alongside that, implementing this new technology allows for real-time tracking of operations and inventory. Smart computers and tracking allows for better monitoring of your stock and will help you to improve the layout and efficiency of your business.


Another big factor for 2020 will the issue of sustainability. An important topic around the world, people and businesses alike are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and that is going to follow into everything we do. In the warehouse industry, we predict that many warehouse managers will be looking to increase the sustainability of their facilities; from reducing utility bills to increasing recycling.

This could also be the year that more facilities invest in energy efficient machinery and lighting. Simple things such as switching to LED can significantly reduce your carbon footprint whilst simultaneously reducing your energy bills.

Equally as useful at creating a more sustainable warehouse supply is reducing the packaging materials used. Not only does this help to reduce weight and costs during shipping but if you switch to biodegradable packaging too you will be able reduce the waste going into landfill.


Drones are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in a number of businesses and industries around the world and 2020 looks set to be the year they become more common in warehousing. Global giant Amazon are already using them for deliveries and in their warehouse management and as the technology becomes cheaper, and more useable, it will make sense to adopt it in your business.

Research has shown that drone is able to do the job of around 50 people, capable of finding and scanning products from 10 metres away with nearly 100% accuracy.

Here at Senaeyat, we build each of our warehouses bespoke to your requirements and guarantee that each unit features the most state of the art technology availability. As the first lease-to-own warehouse provider in Dubai, our customers are able to enjoy a world-leading facility with just a 2% down payment and with affordable monthly payments the facility will be signed over in just ten years.

So if you want to find out how Senaeyat can transform your company warehousing needs, get in touch with us today and see how you can enjoy the very latest technology possible. 

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