The Most Popular Warehouse Storage Techniques

Warehouses are an important part of the supply chain, and an effective storage solution is vital to the success by ensuring high functionality and efficiency. With the duration of the products that will reside in a warehouse varying drastically, deciding the most effective storage technique should be one of the first decisions your company makes.

Knowing which solution is right for your business can be difficult, so we have taken a look at the most popular storage techniques used around the world…

Static Shelving

Static shelves are a popular choice for those materials and products that are regularly being replenished or are not being stored for long durations in the facility. As the name suggests, these shelves are designed to remain in one place of the warehouse and are usually only able to support lightweight materials.

Static shelving is not designed to be compatible with heavy machinery such as forklifts, so this technique does require manual picking and placing but it is usually the most cost-effective solution to install.

Mobile Shelving

If you are regularly going to need to free up space, then mobile shelving solutions allow you to quickly and easily move them around the warehouse as required. Although they do usually require manual picking and placement, mobile shelving lets you store more items in a small space whilst helping to increase productivity by making your inventory more accessible.

Mobile shelving solutions are typically used for items that are remaining in storage for a longer duration, so if you have a fast-moving inventory then it might not be the most suitable for your needs.

Pallet Racking

If you have a larger facility, then pallet racking is usually the go-to solution as it is able to handle large and heavy items. Typically made out of wood, plastic or metal, pallet racking is compatible with forklifts and automated machinery so are perfect if your product range is an awkward shape. This method can also be divided out into further subcategories to help improve your inventory even further.

To reduce the risk of damage or the shelves toppling over, it is important that you get them regularly inspected to ensure they are maintaining structural integrity.

Multi-tier Racking

This technique of storage is popular amongst those businesses whose inventory is primarily consisted of smaller, lightweight items. This is a great way of maximising the full height of your warehouse and allows you to completely customise the shelving to your exact requirements.

Due to the height, this is not always the most suitable solution if you are in need of quick access to your inventory, but it can help to boost your inventory management.

No matter which storage technique you want to incorporate into your warehouse, here at Senaeyat we will be able to ensure you get the perfect solution for your needs. As the first lease-to-own warehouse provider in Dubai, we provide our customers with state-of-the-art facilities that incorporate the latest in logistical technology and accessories.

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