The importance of having an office in your warehouse

One of the biggest problems that warehouse manager’s face is the lack of space in their facility, so for many the idea of installing an office just means taking up potential storage space. However by having an office in your facility, you can actually discover a number of benefits that can help to streamline and boost the performance of your warehouse.

There are many positives to having an onsite office, and we have looked at the top three benefits it can bring…

  1. Bringing staff together

Operating and managing a warehouse is a very complex process and can require the input of many different parties, from the person in control of stocking and inventory to the Distribution Manager, Operations Manager and even technical input from the people looking after your IT requirements. For those businesses with large numbers of employees, then it is likely that you will require regular interaction and feedback from Human Resources as well.

When this is combined, it can take a lot of time to liaise with all of the relevant parties; particularly if they are not all connected or working in the same area. By utilising an onsite office, you will be able to have every party working from the same facility, allowing them to quickly provide feedback and information which helps you to speed up efficiency.

  • Onsite management

Another benefit of having an office to work from whilst onsite is that it allows you to be on hand immediately for any problems that might arise. There are many different problems that could arise during the day-to-day operations of a logistics business, but being able to work directly from the facility ensures you will always be on hand to respond immediately.

  • Reduces outlay

The biggest benefit of having an onsite office at your warehouse facility however is the fact that it helps to reduce the overall costs of renting a second office. By utilising the space in your existing facility, it means that you will not have to the pay extra to rent another office facility away from the property as well as removing the unnecessary costs involved in travelling between the two properties.

Here at Senaeyat, we are Dubai’s first lease-to-own warehouse provider and our facilities feature a state-of-the-art, two story modern office area that allows you to completely manage your warehouse and business on site. Our offices also feature everything required to manage operations, from high-speed internet connections to personalised phone lines.

Of course it is not just the office facilities that are world-leading, every warehouse we build is designed to your exact requirements and features the latest technology and equipment to keep your business ahead of your rivals. Our constructions are available in a range of sizes, from 20,000 square foot to over half a million and our unique concept means it can be yours for just 2% down payment.

With a simple ten year repayment plan, using Senaeyat proves more manageable than purchasing a facility outright as you do not need to find large sums of money for a deposit, and more beneficial than renting as after ten years the facility will be signed over to your name.

So if you are thinking of opening operations in Dubai and want to be able to oversee your company’s operations from onsite, then get in touch with Senaeyat today and find out more. 

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