Space, the biggest challenge of warehouse providers.

Anyone who has ever managed a warehouse will know one of the most difficult challenges that you can face is the question of space. The task of streamlining your warehouse to maximise the available area you work with is an on-going battle. 

Rapid growth, slowing down of sales, poor inventory planning, poor space utilisation or the differing demands during the year are just some of the reasons why space can suddenly become restricted. This is why many warehouse managers try to follow a strict rule of optimization to ensure that their business is not hindered by an unexpected restriction of space. 

Of course a lot of the space issue comes from the actual size and layout of the warehouse. Sometimes no matter how efficient your working processes are you will find that you are simply restricted by the size of the facility. 

Choosing a bigger warehouse is therefore an obvious solution, but unless you can fill that space then you face another problem. Whilst it would let you store more product, each item you are storing costs money; so your overheads naturally increase. Empty spaces can also create far longer travel times for staff which in turn increases labour, fuel costs and other similar outgoings. 

No one knows your business like you. So a dream solution would be to be able to build your own warehouse directly to your required specification; giving you ample space for the regular day-to-day running of the business as well as some space to accommodate changing demand, without being so vast that your costs begin to escalate. However to buy the land, construct the building and install the most state of the art equipment needed is a huge expense that most businesses simply cannot afford to purchase. 

So that leaves you with a choice between renting or buying a facility and cramming your business into a space that is too small, or occupying a property that is far larger than your needs… or does it? Here at Senaeyat we bridge the gap between the rental and ownership market with a unique solution; Dubai’s first lease to own warehouse facilities. 

Our modern facilities are constructed to your exact requirements and specifications so we can create the perfect size facility that can accommodate your businesses every need. Our unique payment plan means you only need to pay an initial 2% down payment to secure the property and then follow a simple ten year repayment plan for the warehouse lease to be signed over to your name; meaning you then own the property 100%. 

Not only is this vastly more affordable than purchasing outright but the fact you are able to fully own the property at the end of the ten year period ensures that unlike renting you will receive value for money. Alongside that, everything we build is customised to your needs so you will be able to enjoy a facility that caters exactly for you. 

We have no limit on space either, whatever your requirements we can cater for you. So whether you are looking for 20,000 sq/ft or half a million, Senaeyat will construct exactly what is needed. We also ensure the most state-of-the-art facilities that feature the latest technology to keep your business ahead of your competitors. 

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today! 

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