Powering your warehouse; what’s your supply?

Powering your warehouse is one of the most important aspects of managing your facility. Without the correct power supply your warehouse will be plunged into darkness as your lights won’t work, your security systems will be out and the computer systems will be off… Not the best way to ensure your business is flourishing!  

No matter what size your property is, you will need a power supply that meets your specific requirements. Are you running your facility 24 hours a day? Will you be keeping it illuminated throughout the night? How many computers will you have running? These are all questions that could affect the power demand that you will require for your property.

Surely that is not problem though right? If you need more power you can simply just turn the supply up? Unfortunately things are just not as easy as that. Many electricity companies need to approve your supply demands, which will depend on the levels being used by surrounding facilities, as well as them being restricted by what they can physically offer.

If you own your own property, this can be easier to navigate with electricity suppliers but if you rent, then this can become increasingly difficult and prove a real problem. However here at Senaeyat, we do not face those same problems. We are able to provide our customers with whatever power supply they need to ensure their facility is running at maximum capacity. Everything is completely customizable to you and there are no limits on the demand.

Senaeyat is the first lease to own warehouse provider in Dubai and can provide you with warehouses built to your exact custom specifications. No matter the size – from 20,000 square foot all the way to half a million square foot – each building is created exactly to your requirements. We also only use the latest technology to kit the facility out, so you can enjoy a truly world-class facility. 

Senaeyat’s first phase of warehouses are built in Dubai Industrial Park, so alongside offering you a state of the art facility and unlimited power supply, we can also guarantee unrivalled transport and logistics. Based just minutes from the Al Maktoum airport and Jebel Ali Port ensures the world will be on your doorstep whilst the Expo 2020 site will also only be minutes away; giving you access to the largest ever event of its kind ever staged in the Arab world.

By being based in the Dubai Industrial Park, you will be to share the facilities with over 700 companies (creating some unrivalled networking opportunities) whilst each unit is built to strict fire safety codes ensuring maximum safety. The entire park also enjoys 24 hour security that monitors each warehouse as well as the boundary walls and control gates. So if you’re tired of facing power supply problems with your facility, let Senaeyat help keep your business alight with unlimited demand. For just a 2% down payment, you will be able to move into your brand new facility within the year whilst our simple ten year repayment plan means you will fully own the facility by the end of the decade.

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