How to effectively manage a warehouse during the COVID-19 outbreak

The current coronavirus outbreak is affecting businesses and operations around the world. Alongside business slowing down, many people are being asked to stay inside and practice social distancing.

However, with the right preparation and rules many warehouse providers are still able to operate; acting as an essential link for supply chains around the world. If your warehouse is continuing to operate, we have put together our top five tips to ensure the safety of your employees

  • Split Shifts

The most important thing you can currently do is to minimise the number of people working in your facility at one time. By creating split shifts, using different teams and introducing shorter shifts you will be able to significantly reduce the contact between your employees.

  • Space out desks

Another great way to minimise the contact between your employees is increase their working areas. Anyone who is working on packing and shipping should have their desks and work spaces at least two metres away from anyone else – and this should also be similar for anyone working in the warehouse.

  • Regular sanitisation

You should be regularly implementing sanitisation and deep cleaning of all surfaces being used in your facility. In addition to that, ensure your employees have access to sanitising soap and wipes around the facility, allowing them to keep their hands clean and also any equipment they use such as desks and computers.

  • Reduce pickers

If you regularly use pickers to retrieve items or to place them back into storage, they will likely be frequently crossing paths and having to squeeze past each other in confined spaces. Reduce this by nominating one picker per aisle – helping to ensure that they do not cross paths with anyone else.

  • Use automation

One of the biggest advancements in recent years is the increase in automation and technology. Nowadays, many warehouses are able to incorporate the use of drones and robots to undertake roles that were traditionally man-powered. Increasing the use of these devices during the COVID-19 outbreak is a fantastic way to reduce human contact and ensure that your business is able to operate efficiently.

Here at Senaeyat, we understand the need to remain as safe as possible. All of our staff are working from home where possible and those who are not able are following strict social distancing and safety measures.

Alongside that, as Dubai’s first lease-to-own warehouse provider, our constructions are being built to the strict health and safety guidelines laid out by the government. Although the world might be staying inside, the warehouse and logistics sector has never been more important in helping people across the globe to keep working and living.

For just a 2% down payment, you will be able to start the journey to your dream facility. In just one year after the down payment has been made, you will be able to move into a warehouse that has been designed and built to your specifications. Senaeyat incorporates the latest technologies in our warehouses to ensure you are able to enjoy a world-leading facility.

In these difficult times, owning your own asset has never been more important. That is why we offer a simple ten year repayment plan for all of our clients – so if you are looking for a new warehouse facility, get in touched today.

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