Five Top Tips to Improve Your Productivity

How efficient is your warehouse? No matter what industry you might operate in, ensuring that your warehouse facility is functioning as productively as possible can transform your business. Of course, improving productivity is easier said than done, so to help you we have put together our five top tips to help reduce costs and boost your profit:

  1. Introduce metrics

Ensuring that you are able to track and measure exactly how productive and efficient your warehouse is, is one of the most important first steps that you can make. It is impossible to improve on something without understanding how it is operating, so make sure you have a full overview of your business – including things like outgoing costs, stock management systems, employee productivity and technical systems.

When you have these in place, you can then identify areas of improvement, begin to implement KPIs and regularly track your overall performance.

  • Automate your systems

Technology has transformed industries across the globe over the last decade and automation can do the same to your warehouse facility. A recent study in America found that almost 65% of inventory records were inaccurate, so introducing an automated inventory system can help to reduce these errors and boost overall productivity.

An automated system helps you to know exactly what inventory you have in store, and where it is located; speeding up the picking process and reducing the time your employees spend updating the system.

  • Optimise your layout

Another fantastic way to boost the productivity of your warehouse is to improve the flow and layout. There is no one right to optimise your premises, and it will vary between companies, however tips to optimise include:

  • Bringing frequently used items closer to dispatch
  • Maximising storage space
  • Creating clear paths through the facility
  • Improving storage density
  • Preparing for fluctuations

If you work in an e-commerce-based industry, seasonal fluctuations can be a difficult period as increased demand places extra strain on staff and systems alike. Understanding these changes in demand and preparing for the seasonal increase or decrease can help to boost the overall productivity of your warehouse.

This also helps you to better prepare for any unforeseen circumstance, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep your customers and clients happy.

  • Customise to your demands

No two warehouses are the same, so investing in a custom layout of storage and technology in your facility can help you to speed up the picking process, store more inventory and maximise your space.

At Senaeyat, we understand the importance of maximising warehouse productivity and efficiency. That is we every facility that we build has been done so to incorporate the most state-of-the-art technology possible.  Our modern designed facilities are constructed to your requirements and we provide a range of sizing, from 20,000 square foot up to half a million! 

Of course, in these challenging times, many businesses are facing a difficult time with cash flow so as the first lease-to-own warehouse provider in the region, our unique concept lets you enjoy the best possible facility at the lowest possible price.

We require just a 2% down payment to begin construction, and the facility will be ready to move in within 12 months. From there, you will simply pay an affordable monthly fee over a period of ten years before the warehouse is signed over to your name; giving you 100% ownership and a valuable asset.

Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

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