Dubai boosts economy with 2020-2022 budget approval!

Ruler of Dubai, his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has recently announced the approval of the budget cycle for the Government of Dubai for the period between 2020 and 2022. The Dh196 billion budget is set to boost the emirate’s overall economy and help to entice even more businesses to the region.

The confirmation of the budget confirms the determination by the government to continue to improve the happiness of its citizens and stimulate entrepreneurship. The level of stability that this provides will allow for businesses both already operating in Dubai and those looking to take advantage of the region, to begin medium term planning for expansion.

With Dh66.4 billion lined up for use in 2020 alone, it marks the largest-ever annual budget and coincides with the arrival of the Expo 2020 event which kicks off later this year. Along with the budget, his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also confirmed that the government is keen to provide further economic incentives which will help attract even more investment.

This confidence-inducing budget will undoubtedly attract the attention of further global businesses, who will want to join the likes of Amazon, Siemens, Continental Tires and Pfizer. Whilst the many financial incentives are appealing to these businesses, it is the logistical benefits that Dubai offers that many companies want to take advantage of.

With access to the entire world through air, sea and land, Dubai allows companies to reach a huge number of potential customers. The Dubai Industrial Park is one of the most popular business areas in the country thanks to its close connection to the airports, major roads and sea ports.

Since our launch in 2019, we have helped businesses to discover the area through our unique lease to own system. With warehouses in high demand, many companies who want to take advantage of Dubai are forced to either rent facilities that are not suitable to their demands, or pay extortionate amounts in order to purchase a facility.

At Senaeyat, we believe neither of these options are conducive to success; which is why we created the alternative. Our modern facilities are built to the exact requirements and specifications of our clients, allowing us to create a warehouse that meets their growing demands.

On top of that, we offer an incredibly attractive payment plan that requires just a 2% down payment to secure the property and begin construction. Completed within 12 months, clients will be able to move into a state of the art property that features the latest technology. From there, we offer a very simple ten year repayment plan and at the end of the decade the warehouse will be signed over to them.

This ensures that using Senaeyat provides a vastly more affordable option than purchasing a property outright, whilst requiring a similar amount of monthly repayments as renting a facility needs. We also do not restrict on space, starting from 20,000 square foot we can construct exactly what is required to keep your business flourishing – so get in touch today and discover why Senaeyat is becoming one of the most popular solutions for businesses in Dubai.

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