Dreaming of your own Dubai warehouse? Senaeyat has the solution

Dubai is a booming. Over the last few years the region has become a hub of business growth thanks to some incredibly attractive incentives from the government alongside the countries unrivalled position in terms of global logistics.

In fact, starting a business in the region is a very quick process and once you have the legal procedures in place then establishing your company should only take seven days to be confirmed. This is helping to bring some of the biggest companies in the world to the region, whilst the United Arab Emirates Cabinet is also encouraging foreign investment by opening up businesses across 13 sectors to be fully owned by nationals outside of the UAE.

This level of interest has seen property demand surge and as more businesses are investing into the region and moving to Dubai, it is pushing property value up with it. This demand and increase has meant trying find a facility suitable to accompany every requirement a company has is a difficult task; with them either stuck renting an unsuitable warehouse that does not quite fit their requirements or paying extortionate rates to purchase a facility outright.

Here at Senaeyat, we think this is wrong. That is why we offer our customers an alternative to the traditional purchase or rent process. Senaeyat is Dubai’s first lease-to-own warehouse provider, which means we create bespoke units that are fully customised to your exact needs.

Since our launch earlier this year, our experienced team has been able to help many clients in Dubai already, so no matter what your requirements are we will be able to ensure you receive the facility you require. Based in the popular Dubai Industrial Park, you can choose a property ranging from 20,000 square foot all the way up to 60,000 square foot – and everything will be built to your exact requirement.

That means that if you bring us your plans and ideas for the facility, we will work with you to turn those plans into reality and give you your dream warehouse. Tailoring everything to your exact needs ensures that upon completion your business can move in and begin using this state of the art facility from the start without worrying about anything.

From the moment construction begins to the moment you can move into the warehouse is one year, meaning that within 12 months you will be able to take full advantage of what Dubai has to offer. Not only that, but rather than face large rents or high fees from purchasing a facility outright here at Senaeyat we only require 2% down payment to begin construction and planning your facility.

From there, it is just a simple ten year repayment plan before you fully own the facility; giving you a tangible and valuable asset that you can operate from for many years to come.

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