Common Challenges in Warehouse Management

When it comes to logistics, warehouses are one of the most important pieces in the supply chain of any company. Not only do they provide the space to store products before delivery, during transit or before final shipping to the customer but they also allow companies to keep their inventory organised and in check.

However, there are a number of challenges warehouse managers have to face. Below, we look at the five most common problems;

1) Inventory location

It might sound an obvious one but without a clear overview of your inventory and its location within the facility, things can get very confusing. Even the smallest inefficiencies within your inventory could result in a slowing down of your operations; costing you money. Alongside location, an accurate record of your inventory is also key – small mistakes can take an incredibly long time to rectify.

2) Picking Optimisation

Whilst a clear overview of your inventory and its location within the warehouse can help optimise the picking process, there are other challenges that can slow things down. Many companies are replacing their existing systems with automation; speeding up the process and reducing the wear on equipment, reducing labour needs and helping to maximise compliance.

3) Warehouse layout

There’s no one correct design for a warehouse layout, the best design is one that suits your specific operations. The most frequently required items should be positioned closest to the shipment section, ensuring forklifts and pickers do not have to travel too far. You should also ensure ample space between aisles.

4) Managing demand

Whether demand for your products fluctuates depending on the season, or it becomes affected by economic factors, it’s important to manage demand and forecast for possible downturns to ensure you remain economically viable and profitable.

5) Quality control

Quality control is the most important part of your company, it will give your customers confidence in your brand; ensuring they come back again. Reducing mistakes in picking, packing and shipping of inventory is a vital focus for any warehouse manager. Having someone focused on quality control helps structure the process, creates a level of accountability and gives staff a direct line to management.

These are just some of the challenges that warehouse managers will face in the day-to-day running of their facility. Here at Senaeyat, Dubai’s first lease to own warehouse provider, our world-class facilities help to make things smoother and easier by using the latest technology and design.

Since our launch earlier this year, we’ve already helped dozens of companies discover their logistical needs in our state-of-the-art facilities. Ranging from 20,000 to 60,000 square foot, each unit is custom built to your requirements and can be yours today from just a 2% down payment. With regular instalments over a ten year period, you’ll then fully own the facility – so get in touch today and find out how we can help you!

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