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The Food & Beverage industry in Dubai is booming, but the task of keeping produce cool and refrigerated in an environment with such a hot summer is one of the most important factors business owners are facing. Not only is the storage of such items a challenging task, but the logistics of moving the produce around the region whilst ensuring it arrives fresh and meeting the high regulatory standards can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

Warehouses are the main building of choice when it comes to storing food and beverage, with specially-constructed units created that allow businesses to control the ambient temperature inside. In the middle of the desert, like the facilities in Dubai are, the extreme outside climate can make things even more challenging.

Standard facilities are typically kept at a maximum of 25°C whilst items that require to be kept in a colder environment are able to be kept in a special cold storage facility that can see temperatures controlled to required temperatures.

Despite those challenges, most modern warehouse facilities are able to accommodate for multiple food and beverage products in one building, with different areas accommodating for different temperatures. Typically these areas will range from Frozen (-25°C–18°C), Chilled (0-4°C), Cool (12°C -18°C) and Ambient (25°C+).

With such a wide range of temperatures, ensuring products are able to move quickly through the facility is essential. Whether they are just arriving from a delivery or are being sent out to clients, it is essential time is kept to an absolute minimum moving it around. This will ensure the integrity of the food item remains in a healthy state and does not become too cold/hot.

To do this, warehouse owners need to employ state of the art technology in their inventory and picking process, removing the slower manual processes and implementing a faster computer led one. Most modern warehouses can now automate almost all of the entire picking process, with forklifts capable of following set paths without any need for manual input.

Building such a modern warehouse might sound like an expensive task. Either you have to purchase an existing facility and then have to renovate it so that it matches your exact requirements, or move into a rented facility that does not meet every need you have. 

Here at Senaeyat though we like to give an alternative option. As the first and only lease-to-own warehouse provider in the region, we bridge the gap between outright purchasing and renting. Our modern facilities can be built in direct contact with your engineering team; allowing them to construct your cold storage facilities as required. Not only that but together we can ensure each facility features the very latest in logistics technology, allowing you to remain ahead of the competition.

The most attractive part however is our unique payment plan for customers. Requiring just a 2% down payment, this then secures your property and by following a simple ten year repayment plan you will then have the lease signed over to you; meaning you’ll fully own the facility.

Not only does this make it a more affordable option than purchasing outright but by owning the property at the end of the ten year period, you will not be wasting money like you would renting.

With no limit on space or size, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you!

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